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4/24/09 9:05:36PM
Or as Mel Brooks would say, "That's FRAHN-KEN-STEEN". Preview video after the jump.

(One of those Friday nights.)
4/24/09 11:06:58PM
I'm going with Frankenstein's creature. I just don't think The World's Most Dangerous Can can assert his will in moving the fight to the ground, and the creature will punish Shamrock's face with sheer power.
4/25/09 12:25:00AM
Since they're both on the same situation: ground fighters in their late career I can see this one being more on who dominates the stand up. I think they neutralize each other on the ground so it should go the distance.

I'll take the monster by Split Decision (...heard Cecil Peoples's nephew will be judging so...)
4/26/09 9:06:17PM
Tough call but I gotta go with Frankenstein.
Ken is faster,but I don't know if Franky will tap.
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