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POLL: Does Ken Deserve to be a hall of famer?
Yes 77% (47)
No 23% (14)
10/18/07 10:14:27PM
Shamrock is in the UFC, this is a retrospective thread.
10/18/07 10:15:19PM
The only reason ken shouldnt be in the hall of fame is if he really did throw the fight against franklin. I personally dont beleive he did, but anybody willing to throw a fight or anything else doesnt deserve to be in any type of hall of fame.
10/18/07 10:35:44PM
why? b.c he once had an interview in the UFC and was questioned is it was easier or harder then the events he does in Pancrase and he replied easier b.c they dont know how to do any submissions, b.c of guys like him and Royce MMA is what it is today Mixed Martial Arts, not to mention he is a pioneer and is the reason we are even having this convo. on this site, show some respect
10/18/07 10:56:40PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM

I personally think he should. he was the best in the world at a certain time in MMA history and his only BAD losses are too Tito Ortiz. I will say though WHY DID HE GIVE UP AGAINST FUJITA? I thought he was freakin winning? bad move by him...Plus when he fought Gracie the 1st time. he DID tap...but other then that this guy was a beast back when MMA first came out and yes those Draws should be wins and he should have beaten Don Frye...

To add to the Fujita fight, THE FRANKLIN FIGHT!!! WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!
10/20/07 10:08:47AM
i voted yes because he was one of the first big names, he was one of the first well rounded guys he made a contribution to the sport that guys today will be unable to even though their talent level is much higher
10/20/07 12:56:05PM
I can't see why this question would be asked.Hell yes Ken is a hall of famer.
If you take him out you may as well take out Dan Severn,Oleg Taktarov,and Marco Ruas as well.
10/20/07 3:02:04PM
The Fujita loss was because he started having heart pain. Anyone woulda quit, he thought he was dying.

Since all the arguments have been made and it's a resounding yes, I wanna throw in that Tank has to get in.
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