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8/28/08 4:43:23AM
8/28/08 5:58:41AM
i think this fight can only end 3 ways to satisfy me

ken gets an ankle or a kneee, kimbo gets a HL reel KO, or we get a slugfest followed by one of the 2 previously mentioned
8/28/08 6:34:04AM
Ken Shamrock: I will break his long as he doesn't hit me first.
8/28/08 6:40:26AM
I foresee this, Ken shoots, gets Kimbo in an ankle look, the ref stands them up before Kimbo can tap, Ken dominates for the next 2 rounds, yet Kimbo wins a SD, after not throwing a single punch.
8/28/08 6:51:06AM
When's the last time Ken tried taking a fight to the ground? Against Frye? Maybe? I'm not counting his heel hook attempt vs Franklin, he didn't work a TD to get it.
8/28/08 7:27:54AM
Kimbo, round 3 flying gogoplata.
8/28/08 9:07:59AM

Posted by Mr_Dead_Sexy

When's the last time Ken tried taking a fight to the ground? Against Frye? Maybe? I'm not counting his heel hook attempt vs Franklin, he didn't work a TD to get it.

well the Tito fights how could you have forgot
8/28/08 9:11:16AM
this has to be one of the worst matchups in mma history. really I can't believe that off robert berry beat ken senseless that they would think that ken would have a shot of shooting on kimbo. it's going to be kimbo by first round, career ending murder. kimbo and the whole elitexc should be ashamed of kimbo dodging brett, just delaying the inevitable, the whole match making is ******, brett kills james thompson in pretty convincing fashion so then he gets the next shot at the 'you tube' champion .. couldn't care less about elitexc, just waiting for them to fold up
8/28/08 10:04:28AM
Ken Shamrock: I will break his [Kimbo] leg [with my wheelchair]

Gary Shaw SUX ASS.

Dana said it long time ago: I'm just sad for our sport of when i see that the people who ****** up boxing come to MMA ( or smth like that :P )
8/28/08 10:19:11AM
looks to me shamrock should have retired already
get your big pay check ken
his best bet is to get kimbo on the ground and go for the leg or foot
8/28/08 10:19:18AM
I hope you're right, Kenny. Just make sure you don't throw your hip out when going for the takedown.
8/28/08 11:15:30AM
This match up is a complete joke in my opinion. I hope that they both get knocked out cold and no one gets the win!!!
8/28/08 12:31:08PM
When is the last time a heel-hook made anyone tap? 1993?!
8/28/08 12:44:06PM
I got Ken by GnP TKO round 3. Who says Kimbo has a better chin than Ken? Who says he has better Conditioning? not me. Kimbo may have a harder punch, but Ken will have a gameplan for this one. I can see him full out retiring if he wins.
8/28/08 12:52:10PM
lol@ this title

I mean I would love to see that happen, but I think ken won't even break a sweat before getting KOd.

I mean if a washed up Tito can dominate Ken, then I don't see this fight being any different.
8/28/08 12:58:08PM
I think this is a good match up.. This is the most legitimate opponent to date I think for kimbo and kimbo is enough of a threat for ken.. Its a must win really for both.. If kimbo loses he is losing to a nearly done fighter who is really just grasping at straws to keep his fighting days alive and will show that kimbo does not really belong in the ring... if Ken loses he is losing to a guy who so far has prooved nothig but being able to beat bigger cans then he is at this point.. .. both fighters NEED to win this fight more then any fight they have had to date... to do so Kimbo needs to keep this standing and not gas.... Ken needs to get this to the ground and make kimbo tap and GnP him to a solid stoppage.. I think Ken has better take downs then thompson and he was able to get ken to the ground and unless kimbo has become a genius at takedown defense ken should be able to get him there.. I am picking Ken to win late by sub off a completely gassed kimbo..
8/28/08 1:40:13PM
8/28/08 5:08:07PM
If he gets Kimbo to the ground Shaw will jump over that fence like he's on prison break and brick Shamrock upside the head.

"Oh no Gina Carano is distracting the refferee! Oh no Mad Dog Shaw is hding under the cage BRICKED!"
8/28/08 6:48:01PM
Kimbo's gonna KO him within the first 2 rounds
8/28/08 7:22:25PM
I would love to see ken break kimbo's leg. But there is about as much chance of that as there is Thiago silva beating Lyoto machida next month. Sorry shammy fans, i see ken going down and out in under 2 minutes .. !!!
8/29/08 4:41:01PM
I hope he breaks his leg, remember kimbo tapping is for bitches right?
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