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1/29/13 11:08:43AM
Keith Jardine has decided to step away from fighting for the time being, waiting to get himself healthy. He also talks about unsafe decisions he made in the past after being knocked out.

1/29/13 11:41:00AM
I like Keith. If you ever caught one of his interviews or seen how he interacts with people, he comes off as a humble and nice guy.

He had a good run, beat a couple UFC Champions and was pretty exciting.

I worry about what the financial future will be for guys like him. Legends and former champions like Wand can make a killing with gyms and appearance fees. PPV guys Liddell made enough to live comfortably if they don't blow it.

But what do guys like Jardine do?
1/29/13 11:46:49AM
Unfortunetely, nothing. You see it in boxing all the time. If you werent super famous or a great teacher, you don't have anything to fall back on, except more fighting.
1/29/13 2:54:47PM
He will get a gig in SOA or other part-time tv show appearances. He looked great in his last appearance . He's got the mean guy look down.
1/29/13 3:53:37PM
i think keith should get into movies if he is dont fighting. he could be play a great "bad guy" in any movie. he is one of the meanest looking fighters i can think of.
1/29/13 5:26:02PM

"One thing with fighters though and I’m sure that is going to hold true with everybody, I was so stupid back then. I remember I fought Houston Alexander and I got caught in that fight. Well, I was back in the gym the exact following week helping Rashad train and I was just getting hit in the back of the head and I was like ‘whoa, this doesn’t feel quite right’. I knew I wasn’t quite right, but nobody was telling me not to. It was like ‘Hey look at Keith, he’s doing a good job, he’s the hardest worker in the gym. He’s in there training’. I was like no, someone needed to send me home."

this is kind of surprising that fighters would get back in there asap, but not unexpected. I too wish Jardine was smarter back so I could have continued to watch him win more than lose, but he will always be my favourite fighter.

1/29/13 5:30:58PM
Keith should be a stunt man or go back and make some more movies. Just better roles. I saw him in gamer and crank 2
1/29/13 5:31:12PM
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i was hoping to see the return of THE DEAN OF MEAN Keith Jardine in the UFC