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POLL: Is Keith Jardine's day number as a top 10.
Yes 48% (14)
No 52% (15)
5/28/08 3:40:26PM
After getting KOed twice now and in the same style both times do you think other fighters will pickup on the weakness making Jardine's days number as a top 205er?
5/28/08 4:25:11PM
depends on who he fights next
5/28/08 4:31:09PM
id like to see him have a fight with Irvin, Boetsch or Thiago
5/28/08 4:43:31PM
i'd say most likely which his weak chin which it seems. because there are good strikers at 205.

but i guess it really depends who he fights.
5/28/08 4:45:17PM
I doubt he'll ever break top 5, but he deserves a place near the bottom of the top 10 list. Keiths come on a lot in the past few years, I think he's a perfect gate keeper for the top ten 205 rankings.

5/28/08 5:18:51PM
Jardine has the ability and style to hang with many of the top ten... he has proven that with Chuck and Forrest. Until Jardine figures out how to hang with someone who comes out fast, he won't be top 5.

I would favor Jardine in matches with Rashad and Forrest

I would have him the big underdog in matches with Wandy, Thiago, Shogun, and anyone else who is known to come out charging, a la Houston Alexander

I see him as a small underdog in matches with Rampage, Chuck, Machida, and Hendo. I don't think he would win any of these matches, including a rematch with Chuck. But in MMA you never know and I think that he would have a decent chance at the upset.
5/28/08 5:23:34PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

i'd say most likely which his weak chin which it seems. because there are good strikers at 205.

but i guess it really depends who he fights.

weak chin? idk about that chuck didnt KO him so i cant say it weak, he got KO'ed by wandy not some bum that guys hands are heavy.

keith is a good fighter, top 10 atm i still think he is but a lot of fighter are coming up so i think if he loses his next fight he will be out of the top 10
5/28/08 5:47:23PM
wow i just read keith made 10k for that fight, maybe he is not top 10 atm because thats not top 10 money............
5/28/08 6:02:47PM
yes, the division is too stacked
5/28/08 6:22:50PM
I think Jardines recent fights reflect just how deep the LHW division really is. One night he KO's Forrest in the 1st rd, the next he gets KO'd in the 1st by Alexander. Then he beats Liddell, and loses to Wanderlei. Jardine has a great camp, and is a great fighter, he will be in the mix for years to come. But with all the talent at 205 it's hard to maintain a winning streak. Sure there are guys like Machida, Thiago Silva, and Evans, who haven't been beaten yet, but I dout any of thoes guys would be undefeated after facing Forrest, Chuck, and Wanderlei Silva. Not to mention a dangerous Houston Alexander thrown in there. Thats a MMA gauntlet, and he came out 2-2, and easily could have been 3-1. Keith Jardine is for real, and will be a top 10 for a few years at least.
5/28/08 6:56:19PM
ok he has a decent chin, but still that doesnt help him any
5/28/08 7:28:35PM
The answer to this question, NO. HE DOES NOT HAVE A WEAK CHIN!!! It's that stupid monkey stance of his that kills him against inside strikers. He likes to throw leg kicks inside which is one of the worst things you can do. And he does not protect his face which made it easier for heavy hitters like Houston and Wandy to time that kick and deck him.

He'll still be Top 10 for a long time. He can still put a beatdown on Forrest, Chuck, and maybe shoot, that awkward stance might be the solution to Machida's awkwardness! Forrest strikes from the outside which put him in trouble and the fact that when he came in his chin was up and he got caught. Chuck is an awkward counter puncher because he throws technically retarded punches. They loop and are wild. This will always kill him against Jardine. He can't stop leg kicks which was Jardines bread and butter the last time out and his punches are too wild and looping to perfectly time Jardines kick and counter. That showed in the first time too.

Until he finds a solution for inside strikers he'll never be Top 5 since inside strikers like Rampage, Hendo, Wandy, and Thiago will dominate him. But he'll always be top 10 since he'll always be a bad style match up for Forrest and Chuck who are showing no signs of dropping out of the top 10 yet. I want to see him KO Soko next who does have a weak chin and shut his mouth up.
5/28/08 7:33:30PM
He's beaten more top 10's then Forrest. So whats the criteria?
5/28/08 8:37:12PM
it really depends on who he fights next. jardine is a really good fighter and it's not like he got KOed by some no-named fighter. i think he still has a place in the top 10
5/28/08 8:56:14PM
i think he can beat about half the fighters in the top ten.

I doubt he'll ever get to top 5 though.
5/28/08 9:18:04PM
I think the same can be said with alot of guys. I mean, the divisions so stacked it can only take one loss and guys will be going out or coming into the top 10.

I mean, if you look at this sites rankings, you've got little nog, arona, soku and even tito, who all are capable of being in the top 10 and most would most likely put them there if they got one good win. So in answer to the question, i think jardines days might be numbered, but i think its the same scenario for everybody from 5-15.
5/28/08 10:36:57PM
I think Jardine will be back. He needs to work a lot on making it through a rush though because both his last two losses have been pretty similar.
5/28/08 10:48:15PM
Man I really like jardine a lot.I think he can come back and do very well.A good fighter should learn from his losses more than he learns from a win.Hopefully he can re-evalute the match,and learn to be less suseptable to guys like Wandy and Houston.I'm really glad Silva won that fight,but I think Jardine has got lots of potential to hang around the top ten for a while.
5/28/08 11:07:51PM
They might be numbered, but I like watching him fight, he brings excitement, win or lose. As long as he comes in and fights I don't care if he is top 10.
5/29/08 10:15:27AM
Keith Jardine is one of my favorite fighters. If would have won againts Silva it was pretty sure that he was going to face Rampage. But bad things happen
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