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POLL: Should he change his Nickname
Yes 22% (6)
No 78% (21)
2/28/08 12:28:38AM
I think it would be really Cool if Keith changed his Nickname because it is so long, and he actually does look like a Demon when he was punching Chuck.

Post your Thoughts

2/28/08 12:33:37AM
Kieth "Ugly sad face" Jardine

or Kieth "my kids will look like Gargoyle's" Jardine
2/28/08 12:37:39AM
The Techno Viking
2/28/08 12:43:52AM

Posted by candynuts

The Techno Viking

I wouldnt be surprised if that came to be.
2/28/08 2:27:56AM
dude nothing but the dean of mean really rhymes with jardine so i think hes up the creek without a paddle on the nickname
2/28/08 2:49:30AM
keep the old one imo
2/28/08 5:28:22AM
Yeah i like it better

This is weird cos i was going to make a thread about changing fighter nicknames!

I was thinking about the 2 geeks in the UFC - Lauzon and Cummo, they should have better nicknames cos J-Lau is just terrible isnt it really? And while The Silent Assassin kinda works its not as good as "The Nasty Nerd" or "Tough Geek"
2/28/08 6:57:46AM
Keith " The sardine" jardine
2/28/08 7:03:31AM
I'm not going to lie. That is one scary! He does look like a demon though.
2/29/08 5:42:13AM
I think he should stick with the Dean of Mean.Sure it's stupid,but it's creative,and no one else is going to have it.
2/29/08 5:48:06AM

Posted by candynuts

The Techno Viking

i second this nickname


2/29/08 6:41:30AM
"Cerberus The Bounty Hunter" would be best i think!

Since Keith used to be a bounty hunter and Cerberus is the Dog that guards the gates of hell
3/1/08 4:00:21PM

Posted by juanez13

Keith " The sardine" jardine

keith "the tangerine" jardine

keith "ben vereen" jardine

keith "dramamine" jardine
3/2/08 11:39:59AM

I think nicknames are useless when they're self-established. The only good ones are the ones that are fan-established or someone else like your trainer or if you've been carrying that nickname since childhood.

And everything that has an animal like Pitbull, Pit Bull, pit bull, pitbull, the burning rabbit, and/or the word "assasin" ..... are way over used and terrible.
3/2/08 10:25:09PM
The Dean Of Mean is the greatest nickname in all of MMA.
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