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2/14/12 7:21:48PM
Ive not kept on top of the side games this week as its the school holidays and I always stay at my Mums so she can look after my daughter while I am at work, Im back home tomorrow and will be caught up with everything in the next couple of days.

2/14/12 7:38:19PM
i just figured you wanted me to spend more time on schoolwork
2/14/12 8:07:20PM
2/14/12 10:10:53PM
With all you do to keep us entertained between fights, being patient is the least we can do.
2/14/12 11:03:10PM
thats ok Rabi, I would be going through withdrawal by Thursday if it wasnt for this message
2/15/12 12:27:42AM
Make sure you make an upset pick before the fights tomorrow. I cannot officially claim victory without beating the master of the side games.
2/15/12 12:36:33AM
Thanks peeps!
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