Karo, Salmon, Leben, Irvin 1:1 $300 left

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4/23/07 8:21:40PM
I've got Karo, Salmon, Leben, and Irvin all on 1:1 odds ill take (1:2 on leben)

ive got $300 left. send me small wagers so i can spread them out over a few people....like $50

oh yeah and thanks for the easy money!!!
4/25/07 11:27:55AM
1:1, I'll take Schafer against your Salmon for $50...
1:1 I'll take Silva against your Irvin for $50...

if interested...

noob here..so not sure if you want to send to me or vice versa...
4/27/07 5:33:13PM
I will take Shafer and Silva for $50 each.
5/2/07 3:16:59PM
It says you have no money left. If you do, send me a 50 or 100 for Silva-Irvin
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