Karo Parisyan vs. Thiago Alves in the Works for UFC 84

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1/10/08 6:21:06PM

The rumored fight card for UFC’s first-ever event in Canada is looking better and better.

Sources close to both fighters today told MMAjunkie.com that the fight has been discussed and that bout agreements are expected to be signed. The welterweight bout would complement UFC 84’s main event between UFC welterweight champ Matt Serra and interim champ Georges St. Pierre.
1/10/08 6:36:05PM
That would be huge I bet either the winner of that or Fitch if he wins against Ghono get the next title shot. Would be an ausome fight maybe Karo can finish a fight for once
1/10/08 6:45:48PM
should be a very exciting fight, i got karo by ud. both guys will take a beating but karo will win because of his takedowns.
1/10/08 6:52:24PM
The Fight Network reports that the rumored Rich Franklin v. Travis Lutter fight will take place at UFC 84, on April 19th, from Montreal.

It looks like Rich will be ready sooner than we thought. This is a nice fight in addition to St. Pierre and Serra.

The Montreal show may be stacked. Shogun's return is rumored for that show.

GSP vs Serra

Karo vs Alves

Sherk vs Penn/Stevenson

Shogun vs TBA

Franklin vs Lutter

Jason MacDonald vs. TBA

Patrick Cote vs. TBA

Jeff Joslin vs. TBA
1/10/08 6:53:46PM
what a good day to be from quebec !! lol

i hope that every rumors fights of today will be confirm soon !!

1/10/08 6:57:41PM
Well I may have to stay with you Tuvok . I don't really like Karo but this cards looking pretty friggin amazing.
1/10/08 7:35:05PM
I think this will be a tough match for Karo, but i see him pulling off a decision victory!!!!!!!!!!!
1/10/08 7:38:32PM
What a chicken. He knew Fitch was going to beat his ass so he faces a striker that he can dominate with Judo. LAME!

Wake me up when this is over and Fitch gets that title shot he deserves!

Karo will dominate with judo/GNP but it may be a scrap on the feet until Karo gets hit and takes him down. Karo "The Decision" Parisyan ya'll!
1/10/08 8:49:27PM
Alves cant handle "the heat." Karo and fitch will fight eventually.
1/10/08 9:33:14PM
winner might get next shot at title,
don't be surprised if mcdonald fights cote but this card is a hell of alot better than the jan and feb cards
1/10/08 10:07:52PM
Normally I really like Karo, his UDs are better than Machida's IMO...but after what he said I kind of hope Thiago gets a surprise KO of the Night!!!

1/10/08 10:16:00PM
anyone knows a nice place to stay up there near that arena?
1/10/08 10:43:39PM
Karo by ud ... in a exciting fight ... then he's gona complain for a 20 min tyraid on y hes not getting a title shot ... then let fitch walk 2 the ring and challenged him ... thats what i wanna see ... whos wit me ?
1/10/08 11:33:06PM
This should be an awesome fight.

This card is really looking good it's gonna be one of the better one's we've seen lately if all these matches happen.
1/10/08 11:40:11PM
Alves all the way.
1/11/08 1:00:25AM
Nice match up...should be exciting
1/11/08 1:42:33AM
karo wins via total destruction on the ground