Karo Parisyan Owns Up to Failure

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4/9/08 7:57:59PM

.“You can look at the replay,” Alves said. “Even I looked at it after the fight. He was out. He fell. He had no reaction at all. I kept punching and punching, and sometimes when you’re out, when you get punched again you wake up. You don’t know what just happened.

“That was [Parisyan’s] concern. He thought that nothing happened. ‘Why’d you stop the fight?’ you know? When he saw the replay, even (Parisyan’s coach Randy) Couture was like, ‘You got knocked out.’ After a while, [Parisyan] texted my coach and apologized and everything. Karo’s a great guy

4/9/08 8:10:40PM
well atleast its all straight now and everyone can move past it.
4/9/08 9:48:04PM
I'm glad Karo owned up to the loss. I think if he goes on another winning streak he could possibly fight for the belt by the early part of 2009.
4/9/08 10:34:43PM
glad to hear thhis as well
4/10/08 1:04:18PM
Glad to hear that.
That may be the most respect I have had for Karo in some time.
4/10/08 3:25:00PM
Karo seriously needs to drop to 155.
4/10/08 11:30:34PM
I can't wait to see Karo come back he has awesome talent
4/13/08 11:23:08PM
I think Karo wil be back and come back strong. i really dont like the guy but he's young, has tons of talent. He needs to get his head right. He needs to stop thinking hes the man and come at the game with the hunger he had earlier in his career. If he does watch out cause he will fight for the title.
10/16/08 1:47:10AM
Karo will always be a gatekeeper like Shogun
10/16/08 8:32:51AM

Posted by BlessMahMic

Karo will always be a gatekeeper like Shogun

youre poisoning the forums with comments like this and the one about hoping lashley would be better than brock in his debut(which he won in just over a minute). back under your bridge

and i like karo, always have, hes a competitor and when has a fire in his belly hes a tough matchup for anyone. i think its great that alves came out and said this, im sure he knows some of the things said on forums, and its very cool that he stood up for karo when he didnt have to by any means.
10/16/08 5:01:07PM
I think Karo submitted to the criticism. He was down, but not out. The last hit he took was in the shoulder. I bet you if the ref would've waited Karo would've pulled guard. However, I could argue justice for Thiago's win as well. Don't think I'm huggin' on Karo either because I don't like the guy. But he would fare much better at 155. Looks like he has a lot of fat to lose so he could get there.
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