Karo Parisyan is going to eat Dustin Hazelett for breakfast

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10/30/09 9:38:47PM
“I think it’s a great style for me. It’s a great matchup. I eat Jiu Jitsu guys for breakfast a lot of times. He’s tough and he’s got really good Jiu Jitsu and good standup. He’s a well-rounded fighter, but I have fought 2 and 3-time Jiu Jitsu world champion guys man. And I’m a grappler myself so I really have some surprises for him. I have a tremendous respect for Dustin as an opponent. I don’t know him as a person, but he looks like a nice guy. But like I said, I have been training a lot with tall and lanky guys. I think it is a great matchup due to the fact that I should be able to overpower him, beat on him a little bit and catch him in submissions myself. Dustin is not going to do anything that I’ve never seen before. He’ not going to throw anything my way that I’ve never seen. He’s good off of his back and a good Jiu Jitsu guy, but that’s all he is. I’m a grappler myself, a Judo artist. I have good takedowns and my standup has come a long way, so it’s a very good matchup man. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get in the cage and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

– Former number one welterweight contender Karo Parisyan talks about his road back to becoming relevant again in the crowded 170-pound title chase.

10/30/09 10:24:59PM
He better, nothing against Dustin (I think he's great, but outmatched) but after his recent loss and then the NC because of whatever crap he was using if he doesn't win in a very convincing manner (his first finish in over 4 years would be enough) then I would think that it's time for the UFC to just let him go. Dustin win or lose should stay....he's 5-2 in the UFC and recently defeated Burkman and then McCrory, both with armbars!
10/30/09 10:40:10PM
"you eat pieces of sh*t for breakfast?"


10/31/09 1:51:26AM
I think that this will be another decision win for Parisyan.
10/31/09 2:14:09AM
I'm going agaisnt the grain and picking Hazelett here...

Karo's judo will definetly enable him to dictate where the fight takes place. But wherever the fight DOES take place, i think Dustin is more skilled. His stand-up has looked very nice in his last few fights, and that's never been karo's strong suit. ANd as far as groundwrok goes, well, Karo's a pimp on the groud, but Dustin submits ground pimps for breakfastthen eats them for lunch. He's the best BJJ welterweight in my book.

I think Dustin will be an underdog, but that being said, This is one fight where I feel like I'm being handed a gimmie for an underdog bet to make some money. (Not that karo's a gimmie, but hey, I favor Dustin strongly in this fight)
10/31/09 9:14:31AM
Hazelett takes this one. Parisyan has looked sloppy in his last couple of outings.
10/31/09 12:27:14PM
They way Parisyan looked his last fight and skill set I going to have to go with Hazelett in this one. Plus even Parisyan at 100% I would still take Hazelett and I think its safe to say Parisyan wont be 100%.
10/31/09 1:17:01PM
I hope these guys really put on an exciting grapple heavy fight.

I'm sure it could make for an exciting stand up bout as well,but I hate it sometimes when two good ground technicians attempt to outstrike eachother.
10/31/09 1:22:32PM
Hazelett. I don't think Karo is motivated or training properly.
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