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4/18/09 5:35:34PM
Will Kang bounce back here or is this guy pokam going to give him major trouble? Shouldnt kang immediately go for the takedown and try and submit pokam?
4/18/09 5:43:20PM
yes, this is kang's fight to win.
yes, it should be a submission.
4/18/09 5:50:28PM
kang has the fight IQ of me. So i figure that Xavier KO's him and sends kang back to japan
4/18/09 7:59:49PM
Pokams no slouch on the ground, if you give him an opening or make a mistake, he'll take it. And Kang seems to love giving his oponents chances. I still went with Dennis though, hes the safe bet. Wouldnt be surpised to see Pokam win with a sub or tko, or even grind out a UD staying outside and using his reach.
4/18/09 8:22:44PM
I'm picking Kang but every time I pick Kang he loses so I have some money on Prof. X

Hope Kang wins
4/18/09 9:57:52PM
Kang- submission. This is Kang's fight!
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