Kang offered fight with Bisping at UFC 105

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8/21/09 3:23:32PM
Denis Kang has been offered a fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 105, Fighters Only has been able to confirm.

8/21/09 3:48:33PM
This would be an interesting fight. Bisping coming off that brutal knockout right back in there with a banger ....


8/21/09 4:54:42PM
kang will ktfo of bisping!!
8/21/09 5:18:23PM
Yeah gotta go with Kang on this one. Bisping will never knock him out and Kang is better anywhere this fight goes.
8/21/09 5:21:44PM
War Kang!!
8/21/09 6:12:32PM
for the 1st time ever I may actually go against Bisping
8/21/09 7:00:42PM
bisping better come up with a game plan
good fight though, glad to see kang back on main card
8/21/09 7:11:52PM
Would like to see Kang win, but doubt he does...he just seems to crack under pressure to much.

I think Bisping will win a UD or TKO
8/21/09 7:13:33PM
Seems like a pretty good fight. I don't think it's main event material though so hopefully that Penn vs Sanchez fight is on 105 or some other fighters fight as the main event on 105.
8/21/09 7:47:30PM
Denis Kang is going to catch Bisping,man its still hard to believe that Hendo caught him.I really thought he would have had the distance game down pat.If he tries to run straight back from Kang,i see him gettn caught again.If he stays on the outside and makes it into a kickboxing match,Bisping could win.Kang TKO rd.2
8/21/09 8:13:20PM
That would be a good back and forth fight.
8/21/09 8:51:30PM
Bisping's taken out much tougher guys. I'm surprised so many are siding with Kang. Bisping UD
8/21/09 9:12:48PM

Posted by Jesse_Canadian_MMA

for the 1st time ever I may actually go against Bisping

Did you actually pick him against Hendo?
8/22/09 12:36:09AM

Posted by grappler0000

Posted by Jesse_Canadian_MMA

for the 1st time ever I may actually go against Bisping

Did you actually pick him against Hendo?

He probably did. Regardless, this is a good matchup for Bisping. It won't be easy, but the chances of him getting knocked out again are slim.
8/22/09 12:46:45AM
Im a big fan of Kang and not of Bisping and know im in the minority here but I see this going to Bisping. I dont thing Kang is the same fighter as he was 2-3 years ago and dont think he can knock out Bisping. Should be a good scrap though and id be pleased if Kang proved me wrong. Bisping UD.
8/22/09 1:26:07AM
i'm not a huge fan of either, but Kang is legitimate: good striking, good all around game.

Bisping is a decent fighter, but he's exactly explosive.
So unless he pulls a Belcher and submits kang after getting picked apart on the feet, I don't see him winning.
Kang r3 tko
8/22/09 2:46:29AM
I think Kang will murder Bisping
8/22/09 4:58:36AM
I don't think Bisping should face Kang. I think GSP should grow a pair and move up to MW and fight Bisping. It would draw ratings and be a good test for GSP and Bisping. Anyone who says they wouldn't wanna see that is out of their mind!!! IMO. Silva has moved up and has been successful and so did BJ against Hughes, and both came back down when there was a legitimate fight for them in their respective weight classes. Right now there's nothing for GSP at WW Swick or Kampman?!?!? Are you serious?!!? Rush would do exactly that, and Rush right through them! We all witnessed the beat down that GSP put on Alves who is considered the biggest and strongest WW and Kampman used to fight at MW so if GSP can take them so easily why not test the waters? If he loses he can just do what BJ did after losing to him, come back down defend your title by crushing the #1 contender.

PS sorry for the rant been drinking
8/22/09 10:15:24AM
GSP would rape Bisping. Actually rape him
8/22/09 12:15:56PM
This should be a very good intresting fight. I'm probably going to take Bisping though. I think he'll be too fast on his feet and won't be taken down by Kang. Bisping UD.
8/22/09 1:45:57PM
People are talking to much about Bisping getting caught by Hendo. Kang is a fighter who ever never really bought into. I guess the same way most of you feel about Bisping. I just feel like in alot of his fights, if a mistake is there to be made, he'll make it. It should be a very competitve fight, I can see both guys nulifying each other TBH. I think Bisping takes the decision.
8/22/09 3:42:52PM
I don't think either guy should dominate this fight. Both are solid strikers with good speed and foot work and I see the stand up game being pretty even. But I think kang could hurt bisping and I'm not sure bisping could hurt kang. If kang can get the fight down to ground though it'll be a long night for bisping.
8/23/09 7:41:42PM
i think bisping takes this fight via UD, in unexciting fashion, similar to his win over leben
8/24/09 12:42:41AM
I think Kang's striking is faster, crisper, and more powerful. His grappling game is much better offensively, I think bispings ability to not get hit(too often) and his ability to stand up when gettng taken down will have to provide a niche of comfort in order for him to win this fight.

Offensively he doesnt throw hard strikes unless he can physically bully around his opponent. And on his back i dont think hell catch kang with anything slick.

I think this is a very hard fight for bisping stylistically. Although if he wins it will probably be by way of some sort of spectacular TKO stoppage.
8/24/09 7:02:32AM
The only reason I would have not to pick Kang in this match is that he tends to have these lapses in the cage around the 2nd or 3rd round which takes him from being dominant (up to that point) to losing the fight that he should ahve won. Bisping is good enough that he could exploit such a lapse.

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