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9/5/08 6:21:10PM
I found this interview the other day (it is now posted on mmamania.com) of martin kampmann... its a pretty good interview but the one thing that interested me the most was the fact that he says he walks around at 190 lbs.

the most weight he has ever cut was 7 pounds.

that being said how do you think he would do in the welterweight division?

and If he lost to marquardt do you think he will make the drop?

Hitman Interview
9/5/08 6:23:15PM
I think once he gets dominated by someone at MW(which i think marquardt will do just that) he will realize that he needs to think about dropping down.

He would do pretty good at WW, if he has been running through the guys at MW.
9/5/08 6:49:08PM
well this is one of the reasons i feel his fight with Marquardt is a lock for Nate. i think a move down to Ww would be good for his career and i would be interested to see how he performs in a division consisting almost entirely out of wrestlers.
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