Kalib Starnes vs Kala Kolohe Hose [icon sport]

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10/10/08 12:56:40PM
10/10/08 2:33:36PM
i hope kaleb doesnt quit again....hes got all the tools, just doenst like to fight...kinda that gym monster, cage zombie syndrom....i like hose, exciting fighter even with his lack of overall skills
10/10/08 3:20:12PM
starnes should handle him, he is a much more talented fighter. that is if he doesn't get slightly injured and take himself out of the fight.
10/10/08 6:26:45PM
I hope Kalib wins so every 15 year old keyboard warrior has to come up with someone else to insult. It got old a long time ago.
10/10/08 7:21:44PM
kaleb is actually a really talented fighter and I always rooted for him, he doesn't seem to be able to deal with injuries at all though. As soon as he gets hurt he basically just quits. It's too bad because like I said he's a really good fighter and that Quarry fight basically destroyed his public image and any shot of fighting in the UFC permanently.
10/10/08 7:47:32PM
i think kalib will win he needs a win to get that quarry match behind him
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