Kai stright outta Dogtown

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2/6/13 1:58:23PM
I'm suprised this has not been posted if it was my bad. I'm pretty sure its new. Almost 6 mins of..........just watch it Link
2/6/13 8:11:42PM
No love for kai? I thought it was unreal.
2/6/13 8:58:50PM
2/6/13 9:29:26PM
"Smash, smash, smaaaash! Yeah!"

I fucking love Kai. Dude doesn't give a fuck about anything, except for maybe getting his surf on.
2/7/13 12:05:07AM
how could you not like this guy? i hope he turns up in the news again.
2/7/13 1:40:19PM
Interesting dude.
Makes me think of "Otto" a neighbor's son who doesn't use his real name and doesn't really reside anywhere. Living day to day, plenty smart, has no roots anywhere, visits his mom from time to time when she can afford to fly him home.