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3/5/08 5:40:54PM
Hi All

I am Kachido

Early days for me as I have been a traditional martial artsist for years, now getting hooked in on the mixed martial arts ring, I am currently running an add on mma playground, what do you think of Kachi-do

what would you like to see changed to the site from your point of view

because its early days in regards MMA, what would you like to see added to the site for MMA in particular!

All the Best kachido

3/5/08 6:15:43PM

I just took a quick look at the site and most of your product pictures are "image coming soon" that should be a priority right now since I dont think many people would buy stuff w/o looking at it
3/5/08 7:20:33PM
Cheers for the feedback,

much appreciated, I am struggling as I have so many products to add and the product boards I cant do unfortunately (layers and all that), many of the products will have posted images on the site once you click the product to view the details, but I understand the fact the initial product boards lack images is of putting and bad, I will prioritise this task with my colleague,

Many Thanks kachido
3/5/08 7:45:53PM
I am going to just say welcome to the playground as always
3/5/08 8:41:08PM
Hi Casey64

Cheers for the welcome