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10/16/07 2:02:37AM
there are few real kicker in mma man tell you the truth there is more kick then just round house or front kick im a kicker and i should know. not saying any thing bad about any other styles but come on to tell you the truth if your a real kicker you don't need to learn bjj. and if you do,, learn to escape from it. kicker, punchers are getting week now a days bjj is not the best out there the reason way its so good is because the bjj guys were not afraid to face fighters with only bjj and they made moves just for strikes of all kinds from kicking to punching to knees with or with out kimonos they did there thing right. well why don't kickers, punchers do the same . why cant strikers do the same im into mma but i only learn what i know to escape from those fights on the ground it seems to me strikers are going fade away if they don't step up there game. come on almost 50% of fights or always on the ground man. i never ever have to fight on the ground im a kicker and a puncher if im on my back and you over me trying to grapple trying to get in my guard ill just kick you away i don't have to play your game. im not a pro but i spar and fight. i love this. so im hoping to turn pro when i feel im ready but its some thing i don't get . i just wanted to say this wounder what you guys think for those strikers out there that are afraid to grapple modify you moves for those kind of fighters learn more stop being ignorant if you really love striking that is your talent be a master of it and always modify you moves and evolve just like the bjj did not saying you don't have to learn it or that you should not .... tell me what you guys think peace

t********his is somthing i wrote to some one about the matter******

ok good come back on the matter but as we all know there are kicks that are only meant to be used vs other kickers that are not practical in other fights. I recall fighting a grappler who know bjj his also happen to be from Brazil and he knows compueda he showed me a few ground kicks which was good for me because my back round is TKD so it come to me easily. with him i learned how to fight with just my kicks and dude was and is still strong i had to stop those high kicks like axes roundhouse to the face etc because he was able to see them so i started to kick lower like muiy thai and starts to even do low spinning kicks an i was doing great man thou the fight ended in a draw but i adapted what i learn over the years from tkd and modified it for mma man and when i mixed those kicks with tkd tactics it was even better because in tkd we fight in combinations of tkd with our guard down because the reason for this which many people forgot is so that those that are boxing feel better to come at you with their punches after seeing all those openings. so i was fighting with my arms down to my hips and he was coming to me i just gave him a low spin back kick and i was able to do so because i modified the kick i had no fear to try it. thou it does take hard work and you have to know what moves this would work with. if you ever want to you this move just keep the fighter at your kicking range plus one extra foot so that you can see better and have more timing . put your guard down and when he sees those opening do your thing and as your doing so lift you guard ( i normally keep my back hand up in that stands in front of my face like Muhammad ali does when he releases his fury jabs for protection but it up to you, you have to see how tired the other fighter is and how desprit he is read what his body language says to you) it works just have to have to practice it. take care man

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10/16/07 6:47:59AM
You are never going to see a K-1 range of kicks in MMA for one simple reason, that is some kicks just are not practical for use in MMA. I've heard all the arguments ("surely if a guy is skilled enough, he can perform any kick without risk of a takedown?") and they just don't wash with me. The bread and butter kicks are the only ones MMA needs.

Take for instance Muay Thai, there are dozens of various kicks, including the traditional teeps and roundhouse kicks, but we have Taekwondo style lance kicks, karate style overhead whipping kicks, spinning back kicks, axe kicks etc, obviously adapted using Thai techniques to give them more power, but even in competition Muay Thai you don't really see all of those that often. They are there, but you dont make the bulk of your offence with axe kicks, or they become predictable, and the axe kick has limited targets.

The bread and butter kicks are the most powerful, and have the most targets, and are most easy to pull off, hence why they are used most commonly, and you can always slip a spinning back kick in when someone is not expecting it. However, spinning back kicks, axe kicks etc have less application in MMA, because they make for an easily grabbed foot, that can lead to a takedown, whereas a takedown is not a danger in Muay Thai or K-1.

Furthermore, most guys in MMA are pretty poor kickers to start with, so them trying out for axe kicks and stuff is pointless, they dont have the dexterity to make it work anyway.
10/16/07 12:39:52PM
lol so you are sayin a BJJ guy cant hold you down? i just fought a kickboxer wrestler and i keep him down, if you dont wanna learn BJJ dont fight in mma imo, if you get with a guy that is not very good at JJ he will still get you on the ground
10/16/07 9:36:36PM
If you watch Fedor vs Heath Herring, you'll see why big flashy kicks aren't so great in MMA (german suplex, anyone?)
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