.Justin Wren Kills Pig, Puts 'Poser' Viking Brock Lesnar On Blast

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1/26/11 7:05:01PM

Dude. We almost don’t know what to say. Former “TUF 10” contestant and UFC washout Justin Wren apparently went on a “hunting trip” of sorts recently wherein he ripped out the heart of a wild pig with his bare hands (and a smallish knife) and feasted on it, then took a bunch of pictures of himself covered in the pig’s blood, *then* wrote a post on The Underground Forum basically calling Brock Lesnar a ***** and a “yuppy viking” for growing a sh*tty beard and killing deer with (of all things) a rifle. I mean, good God, what the ****?

A 30-second look at Wren’s personal internet photo stream and/or his new website tells us he’s not kidding around about this Viking ****. There’s a picture of him on there in a helmet and animal pelts, carrying a warhammer and a battle axe and (possibly) wearing white jeans. White jeans, dude. Anyway, after the jump you can read Wren’s first-person account of slaying the pig. We have to warn you that it includes phrases like “waterfall of steaming hot blood” and “seeing it's beating heart (and) stabbing it” so, you know, do so at your own risk.

1/26/11 7:23:51PM
lol seeing him in Cosplay is pretty funny.
1/26/11 11:29:08PM
This is very random and somewhat disturbing
1/26/11 11:42:04PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

This is very random and somewhat disturbing

Yeah, I think somewhere it crossed a line past manly goodness and into psychotic behavior.
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