going to be a junior in HS and want to start wrestling

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8/9/07 7:31:39PM
is that OK? i went to some camps and learned a few things. i basically practice the penetration step every day. do you think i can join my wrestling team junior year?
8/9/07 7:35:39PM
you can join even if you were a senior.
8/9/07 8:45:36PM
i meant is there a possibility i would do good?
8/9/07 9:21:22PM
depends if you pick it up fast or not.
8/9/07 10:04:13PM
Who cares if you do good now. The two free years of ground work will be great for you. You also will learn how to cut weight and become so much stronger. If you want to be good then take some classes outside of the team. Chances are you won't take states but if you decide to get into bjj after school or full on mma I say do it.
8/9/07 10:54:16PM
yah i want to get into mma after school. so i want to start learning. i am practicing takedowns and stuff that i learned in the camps. i also box so i should be in good shape from that and i lift.
8/10/07 9:08:16AM
Anyone who is attending an American high school and says they want to get into MMA should be trying out for the wrestling team. It's free, it's well-organized and there is generally good instruction and good competition specific to your weight. Not so easy to find all (or sometimes any) of those things in a BJJ or Judo school.

And if you're not good and don't make varsity, so what? You're still getting into shape and you're still learning how to control a guy's body and take him off of his feet. Aren't you going to have to learn that to do MMA?

I'd say try out for sure.
8/10/07 3:28:04PM
If you have dreams of becoming an mma fighter or star. YES start wrestling while you have the option FREE in school. you have nothing to lose....but weight lol (not saying your fat or anything). dont let anybody tell you cant join, or discourage you.

For your questions "do you think i could be good?"....thats completely up to you!
people will tell you that you have to have natural talent and stuff to be a stud. its only true to the people who think studs are made from natural talent. WRONG!
What im trying to tell you is nobody else can keep you from becoming good excpet yourself. it depends on what you consider good aswell.....do you want to just make varsity line up or do you want to become a national champion? the definiton of "good" is up to oyu.

Our high school team had a first year wrestler....189 pounder, who won districts, and placed at regions, which carried him to states. He was very determined..he would stay after practice to drill a new takedown he learned 100 times over. It depends on what you want, and what your willing to do to get it. he was a juinor..named matt cuadell.
8/10/07 6:42:24PM
alright thanks. yah i am very dedicated so i guess i will atleast do decent.
8/11/07 12:47:00PM
Depending on what the competition is like where you live, you may or may not have the chance to compete in the high school ranks. (If you are from Iowa, don't expect to make the team and compete this year.)

Regardless, wrestling is a great pastime and an important component of mma. A good wrestling program will instill values in you that are priceless. You do not know hard work until you live in a wrestling room.

Even in just two years, you are gonna learn takedowns, takedown defense, and most importantly, you will gain an understanding and feel for the weight, motion, and center of gravity of yourself and your opponent.

I just recently started taking BJJ and when we spar starting standing up, there is no question who will take top position, if I want it. Once I am on top, my fellow students and even the instructors have a hell of a time trying to sweep me. I owe that competely to my wrestling background.
8/12/07 10:08:31PM
any tips for me? also im from jersey and we are pretty good at wrestling
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