Junior Dos Santos Needs To Fight Because He Needs To Get Paid

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1/3/11 1:19:07PM
And apparently he can't wait until possibly August to face Cain Velasquez in Rio, so he has a simple message for Dana White: Interim Title Fight. Now. "Of course, it would be amazing to face Velasquez at UFC ‘Rio’ in August, but I cannot stay away from the Octagon for a year just waiting for him to recover. I really think that the fairest thing to do would be for [UFC President] Dana [White] to give me the opportunity to fight for an interim belt. I’m 100 percent focused on getting this belt. I’m in the best moment of my career, training hard and working so hard to reach the fight of my life, and, suddenly, it’s postponed eight months. It’s definitely not fair. I’m already five months away from fighting. I can’t wait eight months. Fighting is my life, not only because I love to do that but because I need to fight for a living. I still don’t make money like the other top guys, so I really need to work."

1/3/11 2:35:15PM
Give the man a damn fight then! I think Dana might forget that it's not the months of commercials and hype that makes him and his fighters money. It's putting on fights.

I guarantee JDS V. Cain would've had the same ppv buys if they did it a week ago as opposed to March or whenever they initially wanted to.

No one cares about the "countdown to UFC 1000", it's the fight itself. No one cares that Cain is Mexican and you are trying to market him as such to try and gain ground in the Latino market. He is a bad ass and so is JDS and all we want is to see a kick ass fight!
1/3/11 2:48:15PM
JDS vs. Carwin is the only fight I want to see. Carwin should be ready in early to mid 2011 I don't care if it's an interm title or not.
1/3/11 2:59:47PM
JDS - Carwin, or JDS - Mir.
Just give us JDS!
1/3/11 3:00:58PM
You have got to be freakin kiddin me. Interm fight. I don't think so but a fight heck yes. Lets see here who can beat him to ruin his chance at the title.
1/3/11 5:59:15PM
I dont think he even cares if its for the interim belt, he needs to fight because he needs money! Im sure Dana will sought something out with him.
1/3/11 6:27:19PM
for the belt or not, DW should have Jr. fight. The big question is who? Carwin is out with back surgery, roy has contract issues. that leaves
Lesnar- has 1 more fight left?
Cro cop
1/3/11 7:12:15PM
Give a fight
Mir or mitrione would be good but no interim title
1/3/11 9:35:52PM
I know I said it on another forum but JDS made $260K last year. Not sure what kind of life style he's used too but I'm pretty sure most people can live for a year with a paycheck like that....even after taxes.
1/3/11 11:17:09PM
You can give the man a fight, it doesn't NEED to be for an interim title.

JDS is clearly angling for a title fight rather than a paycheck. Giving him another fight so he can SURVIVE is the fair thing to do, Not giving him a TITLE fight.

Before anyone begins jumping on me saying that he earned his title fight and it IS far, HE earned a title fight. Another contender has not.

Giving him someone random just to give him a title fight is unfair to the idea of a belt and the fans. Dos Santos shouldn't just get a random title fight against someone in the HW division because he was supposed to get a title shot next.

I could understand if this were another division with multiple top guys for whom you could easily make a case. Dos Santos just needs to wait. That, or take a fight for the paycheck, and don't pull a Grispi.
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