Junior Dos Santos Fulfills Dreams Of Brazilian Family

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5/25/12 7:58:46PM
Junior dos Santos started out in humble background growing up in Brazil. He has turned his life around with Martial Arts and has made a nice life for his family as his UFC career blossomed. The defending champion hasn't forgotten his roots though, and this week, he even fulfilled the dreams of this 9-year-old Brazilian kid, who reminded him a bit of himself growing up.

Breno Ferreira, a young kid with a similar humble beginning, was brought by Cigano to Vegas, along with his family to be his honored guests during his headlining bout against Frank Mir. Check out the video below which tells the inspiring story of a poor boy who was granted his first trip out of Brazil:

5/25/12 8:15:17PM
When I initially read the title I thought cool, Jr. bought the entire family a copy of the NY Times Bestseller.....The Voice of Reason

......and then I read the article and went......meh.