Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velazquez?

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6/28/10 8:21:41PM
I see this matchup becoming very possible after Dos Santos' match at UFC 117 against Roy Nelson(I hope to god he beats the Burger King out of "Big Country"). But then again, Cain Velazquez is deserving a title shot. I honestly don't know why Carwin went up against Frank Mir for the interim title. But whatever outcome at 116, I think the next matchup should be JDS vs Velazquez for a shot at the title! (Just to add I'm going for Lesnar at 116!) So who would win this matchup of heavyweight powerhouses.

Cain Velazquez?

Undefeated(8 Wins, 0 Losses)
NCAA Division I Wrestling
Purple Belt BJJ
Devastating knockout power
Notable Wins over Cheick Kongo and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria


Junior Dos Santos.
Undefeated IN THE UFC(11-1 in MMA, 6-0 in the UFC)
Brown Belt BJJ
Pwnage knockout power
Notable wins over Fabricio Werdum(Fedor killer :P), Mirko Cro Cop and recently Gabriel Gonzaga

I give it to Junior Dos Santos by T/KO in the 3rd round.

Any opinions or differences?
6/28/10 8:48:36PM
i would very much love to see this fight happen. i think with cains (what seems to be) improved stand up this could be a crazy fight. but more then likely i think velasquez pounds him out in the second maybe. i havent really seen dos santos ground game much so im picking cain to be dominant on the ground and get the tko.
6/28/10 8:52:12PM
I'll take Cain via wrestling that JDS can't stop all day long. Rothwell is bigger, stronger, and a better wrestler than JDS. Look what Cain did to him.
6/29/10 1:22:31AM
It depends on whether or not it happens as a title shot. the championship rounds could make a huge difference with this type of match-up.

Dos Santos is undoubtably the better on the feet, but cain also has the seemingly wider striking skillset.

Cain is undoubtably the better on the ground, but Dos santos hasnt had a chance to show what he can do from his guard, and Cain hasnt had to defend submissions yet either.

There's ?'s for both of them in areas where they are both strong and supposedly weak at. Too many variables to be certain either way.

Right now if i had to pick i'd pick Cain via Decision because it would be a 3 round fight.
6/29/10 3:45:14PM
All of this assumes JDS gets past Roy Nelson. I don't think that's going to be as easy as people are making it out to be. But, to answer the thread, I'd take Velasquez right now because I haven't seen how JDS fairs in anything other than a striking match. If he does really well against Nelson, I'd be inclined to change my pick.
6/30/10 3:29:18AM

Posted by Jackelope

I'll take Cain via wrestling that JDS can't stop all day long. Rothwell is bigger, stronger, and a better wrestler than JDS. Look what Cain did to him.

I agree. Cain winning has more to do with Cain's overpowering-ness than JDS's weaknesses.
6/30/10 3:35:06AM
To be a devil's advocate... The fact that these two are heavyweights enables Dos Santos to have a strong chance of winning even if he cant stop the takedown. At heavyweight, power is a bigger deal than any other weight class, over three rounds all he has to do in order to win is land a clipping blow and swarm.
6/30/10 4:55:43AM
That's a good point about the heavyweight power aspect and it certainly always has to be factored into the equation.

I will say, though... personally I think the Kongo fight is taken a bit too seriously when people view Cain's skillset. Based on that fight people say Cain's striking is terrible and that he has no chin.

Cain, to me, has always shown a wide array of offensive Muay Thai striking capability far beyond what the years he has been training for suggests he should have. He mixes kicks and punches well and is fond of changing levels mid combination. It also suggests, to me, a high fight IQ. Couple that with his devastating wrestling and I think we've got one hell of a fighter on our hands. Plus, for a heavyweight, his speed is pretty damn good. Not to mention his out of this world cardio.

I think JDS has the better hand speed and certainly more power, but JDS is more of a head hunter boxer type fighter. Certainly not nearly as well rounded as Cain. The secret to beating someone like JDS is going to be surviving that first round and gassing him out so he loses some of that speed and power.

I think a grinder like Cain is tailor made for that kind of fight since he has comparable speed, unstoppable takedowns, and a great gas tank.
7/6/10 4:50:24PM
I don't see this fight happening until after JDS beats Lesnar for the belt, but it will be an awesome fight when it happens. I see Cain losing to Brock, JDS beating Nelson, and then beating Brock. Look how Brock reacted when Carwin rocked him. Anyways, to get back on track with the thread I see JDS coming out in the first landing some good shots and Cain getting a takedown, but not being able to do much with it. From there, round 2 I see being about the same, with round 3 JDS getting a ko from the feet.
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