Junie? HUH?

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10/16/08 9:20:31PM

So it isn't Junie after all.....I guess ALLEN Browning isn't tough enough? His brother and him are shown on a local tv show, and who would of thought they are brothers? They seem nothing alike. And I think Allen should of went the WWE route, he talks as if he is a wrestler...its a joke.

Im not to sure how many check out the videos on here, but I know I dont. See here is to the people who dont go on it daily....It is a good laugh to say the least.
10/16/08 9:27:01PM
oh my god. is it just me or does rob browning look like MCLOVIN!!!
10/16/08 9:30:59PM
yea it was posted before, cant sit through watching the whole thing, its painful.

Although Dana saying that Junie isnt "the next anderson silva" and that he is not the best fighter in the house makes me happy. I think its Nover, and i hope he destroys Junie.
10/16/08 9:44:20PM
I cant stand this guy
10/16/08 11:50:48PM
lol if he looses ima laugh so hard
10/17/08 9:51:52AM
This was posted a few days ago. I think it's hilarious. Arrogance may turn many people off, like myself, but it does help popularity in a way. Look at Tito. Some of the most hated people become the most watched.
10/18/08 8:06:54PM

Posted by dannyfrank

oh my god. is it just me or does rob browning look like MCLOVIN!!!

for sure he does....too bad he's a little douche. him and his retard brother.
10/18/08 8:16:22PM
Wait, I'm still confused, so who are the two people in the video?
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