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10/9/08 1:50:38PM
It certainly will not make him more likable.

Junie's Blog on ufc.com

However, would they be asking him to blog if he eventually gets kicked off the show (as we all assume that's where he's headeded)? Inquiring minds want to know!

10/9/08 2:08:36PM
He's a colorful 'character'.

He's good.

He's staying.

Dana knows better than to boot a potential 'star'.
10/9/08 2:34:55PM
since dana didnt kick him off and admitted that he should have it should be fair game for 1 of the cast members to kick his ass and not get kicked themselves
10/9/08 2:47:20PM
Actually, does anybody remember Dan Cramer from TUF 7?

He had a blog up for a bit. And then he lost. Amir took one up as well after that.

So we don't know whether or not he has made it to the semifinals or not. Who knows? Maybe he did lose.
10/9/08 3:46:29PM
I like him even less now
10/9/08 6:34:40PM
Trying to do pull-ups with the shirt and the pool incident?
Teaching him to defend the frontkick?
This dude's hilarious!!
10/9/08 8:10:53PM
Now I dislike this guy even more. Please lose.
10/9/08 8:29:58PM
Junie is insane, the dude just got a second chance and he's already causing again.
10/9/08 9:34:05PM
He wouldnt be doing a blog or coming on for guest appearances for the show that he talks about at the end if he didnt at least make it to the finals
10/9/08 10:06:58PM
I drank that first night when I came to the house, the night on this week’s episode, and maybe one or two more times, and that’s it.

That says to me he obviously doesnt get kicked off the how. To me, hes been worse that JT already. Hopefully once he gets his first fight on the undercard of ufn 20 or whatever he gets beat to shit.
10/9/08 10:11:44PM

When I front kicked Tom (Lawlor), everyone had this misconception. I was helping him defend front kicks.

10/10/08 9:24:15AM
what bothers me is that the guy really has no remorse about acting the fool. ok, he has problems, and he obviously knows he was an idiot, but for crying out loud just say that youre sorry at the very least when you act so stupidly especially after getting a second chance. im still convinced something is going to happen to the guy as far as getting in trouble because of the clip from week one of dana saying "you should have been kicked offf 3 times by now". im not a fan, but the kid has talent and is going to be a tough fight for anyone in the house.
10/10/08 10:22:11AM
I don't believe he really wrote that, because I don't think he's smart enough to know how to read and write in the first place.
10/10/08 6:23:02PM
It would be foolish to kick Junie off. Sure, he deserves it, he's been acting like an idiot and has some very serious anger issues but come on. The guy is the most memorable person i've seen on the show since Leben. He's exactly what the show needed, some excitement.
10/10/08 8:42:48PM
hahahaha the first time i read it i almost pissed myself, helping defend front kicks?
BTW he should be kicked off the show
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