Junie browning no longer with UFC

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10/9/09 6:30:51PM
Junie Browning, who was a standout on “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir” more for his antics than his in-cage performance, was arrested Tuesday night in Henderson, Nev., after allegedly assaulting three nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital, according to a report by Lawrence Mower of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The report states that two friends took the 24-year-old Browning to the hospital after he overdosed on anti-anxiety pills. After being taken to a room at the hospital, he reportedly tried to leave and became angry, pushing a female nurse, punching a male nurse and kicking another male nurse.

Browning was charged with three counts of battery on a health care worker.

UFC president Dana White on Wednesday told Yahoo! Sports that, upon learning of the arrest, he terminated Browning’s UFC contract.

“He was given an amazing opportunity, but he has some serious issues that are beyond me and what I can do,” White told reporter Kevin Iole. “I’m there for guys and I realize nobody is perfect and guys are going to get into trouble. When that happens, I want to try to help and do something for them. But he needs more help than I can give him. I did what I could for him.”

strikeforce bound?
10/10/09 12:05:04AM
atleast he is showing his well roundedness. Punching one male nurse and kicking the other.

10/10/09 2:06:32PM
Yeah, I really don't think it's appropriate to make jokes about the guy's suicide attempt, or his actions in a drug induced stupor as a result. I've worked in a psych ward and I've seen what massive depression can do to otherwise really good people. The guy is obviously very seriously depressed and needs a lot of help.
10/10/09 5:49:10PM
Im actually a chemical dependency major so i see drug addicts almost everyday and sometimes its really ruff to cope with drug addicttion and to get cured, but when he started hurting people around him like those nurses and his family then i dont have much sympathy for him. He was probably at the peek of his life and i just cant console with him, Addict or not. He should be kicked out of the UFC. Plus i dont think he was UFC caliber in the first place. I feel bad for his addiction but there are no accuses for what he did. Plan and Simple.
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