Junie Browning not kicked off?

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10/17/08 6:31:26PM
I think I know why Dana White hasn't kicked Junie off because Junie is a young very good fighter, and is a bad ass, remind anyone else off Tito, there making Junie into the next Tito Ortiz of the UFC
10/17/08 6:38:03PM
"cuse that what the ufc needs another boring wrestler"................................maybe the attitude but maybe not cuse lots of ppl turned on tito when he started to loose
10/17/08 9:55:40PM
I don't think Dana could dream up a reason good enough for not kicking him off the show. It may still happen.
10/17/08 11:47:04PM
in the previews, it doesnt look like junie dominates roli so junie might actually end up getting beat by roli.
10/18/08 9:46:02AM
i didnt have a problem with JT getting kicked off before the final until i saw what juni has done without consequence. The ufc obvoiusly wanted to give CB, who they must think is more marketable, another chance, but since juni may have a bigger future and is more marketable they are willing to tolerate it. really it is bs that they didnt kick him off for considerably less than they have kicked off others for, but when he then continued to be a douche and dana said that he was lucky keith kizer wanst there, i was like wtf, dana has the complete authority to kick him off so who cares if keith is there or not.

seriously the guy seems ok for a minute after he gets his reprieve and is back to being a maniac by the afternoon. guy needs serious medical help to get himself under control or he is just gonna end up a freakshow or in jail...
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