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4/2/09 2:16:43AM
Tonight I attended my first ever UFC event and I can say it was great! About the topic, I can also say I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of that fight. I am not the type of person to hold a grudge but the performance Junie displayed while on TUF showed his true personality. I am in no way affiliated with MMA but I do know that if someone in my occupation acted the way he did I would feel it was a disgrace to my job, as I am sure many MMA fighters felt. Cole Miller schooled Junie in every aspect tonight. It was redemption in action. If anyone might have missed it I am pretty sure that right after the tap out Miller said " Who is overrated now!". I enjoy TUF show but it is a shame that it makes fighters popular even if they have not won a real UFC fight.
4/2/09 9:19:31AM
That made my night. Cole shutting Junie up was beautiful.

Junie was actually semi respectful after the fight. Cole acted the big man in the end, too. He talked smack, but he was kind of respectful about it in a strange way. I thought it was awesome how he draped his brown belt around his shoulders and pointed to his ATT tattoo after the fight. I bet they award him his black belt soon after that performance.

Solidifies my belief that ATT right now is the top camp in the world
4/2/09 9:23:11AM
Junie truly was schooled last night...I was disapointed...I agree that Junie acted like an idiot on the show but I wish him the best and hope he can get his act straight at extreme couture...unfortunately last night was not his night...if he doesn't look better on his next fight I'd say it should be up the road with him
4/2/09 9:49:30AM
Watching Cole school Junie was one of the highlights of the card for me as well. Hopefully Junie will be a little more humble next time. I thought it was funny in his post fight interview he did exactly what he did on the show, "I'm out of the ufc...wah wah wah".
4/2/09 1:40:21PM
hahaha, this fight was hilarious. I called it correctly, except i called it for the second round.
4/2/09 1:52:04PM
I feel like a fool for switching to Junie in the last half hour before picks got locked...I guess I thought Junie had really gotten into his head. It was great to see Cole outclass him though.

It looked like Cole was really controlling the distance from the get-go, and you could almost see Junie change gameplans like "Oh crap he's a better striker than me, better take this one down" then when he tried to take him down it was "oh crap he's a better grappler than me" boom fight over.

Just like in his bout with Efrain--it seems if you lock a sub on Junie, he provides very little resistance.
4/2/09 1:53:26PM
Tompkins actually said that Junie would be the LW champ in two or three years....im not so sure that will happen.
4/2/09 2:22:18PM
awesome when cole stood over junie screaming i have no idea what he said my friend thought he said "OVERRATED THIS" but idk
4/2/09 3:28:02PM
reminded me of that classic mohammed ali poster when cole was standing and looking down at junie
4/2/09 4:51:25PM
He said "Who's overated now?"
4/2/09 4:58:14PM
definitely an excellent moment(cole standing over junie)

whos next for junie like honestly is there anyone he could beat in the ufc??? I'm not sure there is and Rollie Delgado doesnt count
4/2/09 5:01:30PM
It was awesome. ATT is working wounders with Cole, he dominated the fight. Apparantly Junie has been talking a little smack about Paul Kelly, so hopefully Tellies will be the next person to smash Browing.
4/2/09 5:08:11PM
Junie needs to spend some more time out of the ufc learning and gaining exp. he doesnt belong in the ufc yet. I was definately happy with the outcome of the fight
4/2/09 6:04:36PM
4/2/09 7:52:38PM
Paul Kelly hahahahahaha I heard that too, Kelly would F**k him up
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