What does a jump from 128,000ft look like?

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10/25/13 12:48:45AM
New breathtaking POV footage has been released of Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump.

The Austrian skydiver entered the history books last year when he rose to an altitude of 128,000ft and then jumped, not only breaking the record for the world's highest jump but also becoming the first person to exceed the sound barrier during free fall.

While he did land safely, not everything went according to plan. At one point Baumgartner entered an uncontrolled spin that threatened to end the attempt in disaster, but luckily he was able to regain control and maintain a stable descent for the rest of the fall.

To help commemorate the event, Red Bull have released new footage taken from Baumgartner's perspective as he plummets from the stratosphere. The video is particularly nail-biting as it shows the moment he started to spin and provides a glimpse of what it would have been like to experience first-hand.

10/25/13 11:08:42AM
I'll never forget that day.
10/25/13 11:38:20AM
yeah....very cool. I was watching it with my kids.