July 19th/20th greatest in MMA history?

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7/11/08 12:09:00AM
This could very well be the greatest day for MMA fans in history.

UFC is showing Anderson, Vera Franca, Edgar, Cain and a handfull of up and comers for free.

Affliction is showing a HW dream card. Fedor, Aleks, Josh, Tim, AA, and Rothwell. Also Babalu, Lindland, little Nog, and Pyle.

Dream 5 is free on HDNET. There you have Aoki, Uno, Alvarez, Kawajiri, Kid, and Hellboy.


Thank you MMA gods
7/11/08 12:13:42AM
this has to be close to the best

any new years pride/ufc combos yall can remember that might be better?
7/11/08 1:05:40AM
Hell yes, it's going to be a great weekend of MMA!
7/11/08 11:06:14AM
yes can't wait and don't forget not mma but the Dark Knight on the 18th
7/11/08 12:23:30PM
Hard to argue isnt it...
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