Julie Kedzie retires from fighting

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12/7/13 1:53:29AM

Before walking out to my fight today, I had a long talk with my coach and we decided that this would be my last MMA fight.

I would have loved to have gone out on a win, but c'est la vie-don't leave it to the judges. Heartbreak is a huge part of this sport.

I really truly want to thank all of you for being a part of my journey as a fighter. I will still be involved in MMA for the rest of my life but now it's time for me to accept that I can give more to the sport by stepping back and taking role in helping to develop other fighters.

12/7/13 1:54:56AM
Hate to see her go when WMMA is just starting in the UFC.
12/7/13 2:40:36AM
How selfish of her not to share this decision with the thousands of people making fantasy picks on her fight! We could have used the information knowing she was calling it a career. She needs to prioritize who to share this with and fantasy MMA players should've been ahead of Greg Jackson in importance. We pick her fights, what does Greg do? Just train her? Doesn't make picks on her fights? He should be a step below fantasy MMA players in her inner circle. Amirite?
12/7/13 2:45:39AM
Julie was long a pioneer in WMMA loooong before Ms. Ronda was collecting 3rd place in the Judatkon....
12/7/13 3:51:19AM
Going to miss her, definitely a pioneer of WMMA and has had a career filled with crowd pleasing fights.
We will miss you Julie
12/7/13 8:57:09AM
She had a hell of a career.
At least she ended it in the UFC
12/7/13 5:32:14PM
I tipped correira to win, but I actually thought Kedzie won the fight yesterday.
12/7/13 7:31:03PM
If the UFC was smart, they would utilize her in an analyst position like they do with other fighters. I know she does her thing with invicta but the two companies seem to have a good rapport and you would be hard pressed to find a female fighter that not only has the experience but who is well spoken and a classy lady like Kedzie (Not bad to look at either) I think she would do great on Fox sports next to Chael P Sonnen.
12/7/13 7:31:30PM
Classy message informing everyone of her decision. Wish her the best.
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