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6/28/08 9:10:37PM
now before you start scratching your heads and then remembering that Foreigner song, let me explain. have any of you guys ever experienced a moment in your life where you witnessed an object, event or occurrence and then had an epiphany leading to your calling? for example, i watched a jiu-jitsu tournament when i was 7 years old (i'm 16 now) because my older cousin was in it. when i saw someone lock in am armbar i just knew i was going to do this and master it one day. ever since i have fallen in love with JJ and it will always be a part of my life.
6/28/08 9:41:07PM
Used to watch K-1 with my dad, Saw Andy Hug on the 96' GP finals for the first time when he fought Ernesto Hoost ( a name i was already familiar with, my dad told me Hoost was going to win the GP)...Andy put up the most amazing performance i had ever seen (props to hoost, he put up a great fight)..i loved the way Hug fought, and i saw him go on to win the 96' GP....from there on i never missed a single fight he had, truly the most amazing Fighter i've ever watched....that GP made me a huge K1 /combat sports fan, and i knew from there on i'd always bee a fan.
6/28/08 11:02:14PM
Watched Huggy Bear on Starsky&Hutch and knew what I wanted to be
6/29/08 12:58:49AM

Posted by zephead

Watched Huggy Bear on Starsky&Hutch and knew what I wanted to be

well that's just a given
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