Judo Chop: Nick Diaz's Ground Game

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10/28/11 12:22:43PM
Nick Diaz will forever be a love ‘im/hate ‘im fighter due to his stunning combination of skills, bad boy persona, exciting fights and the unpredictable and often violent moments of surrealism that seem to follow him around.

To show our appreciation for highly entertaining fighters with highly developed skills, I present to you a Judo Chop that focuses on Nick Diaz’s ground game. Below the jump, we'll see a few Judo Chops from the archives on Nick Diaz and some of his favorite tactics from his fights and as seen through the fights of his brother, Nate Diaz. We also break down Nick's submissions of Josh Neer and Cyborg Evangelista, while showing some unorthodox tactics he chose to employ against Frank Shamrock.

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