Judging PRIDE 33 ( A good article)

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2/28/07 4:39:52PM

UFC 68 is this weekend, so I'll try to spend more attention on that event, but really, what happened on Saturday night was truly monumental.

2/28/07 4:57:32PM
We all thought that Pride 33 was the best MMA PPV we have ever seen. We've been watching for some 5 years now.
3/1/07 2:18:08AM
Great Pride, Upset after Upset. Truly amazed by Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson. Frank Trigg is still the man, fighting and comentating in the same night, a true sport enthusiest. By far one of the best Pride's yet.
3/1/07 7:22:17AM
truly a great pride but ufc 68 will be even better when randy wins the belt, franklin pulls out a win, as well as hughes even though i dont want him to win
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