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5/1/11 12:19:01AM
Tonight some of the "best" judges gave the GSP fight 48-47. This is COMPLETE B.S. How did Shields win two rounds???? This baffles me, I just don't understand. The judged in MMA are horrible. Im done....
5/1/11 12:24:38AM
I think 2 judges let their love for the sport get the better of them. Like us, they wanted to see a good fight and they felt like punishing St. Pierre for using safe tactics that ultimately made the fight boring. Something's gotta change in the judging system though. Maybe you could argue 1 or 2 rounds were 10-10's, but Shields didn't win any rounds. Plain and simple
5/1/11 1:33:39AM
Being generous I would say Shields won the final round....and that's all. And I don't see what Doug Crosby saw in the Aldo/Hominick fight. It was like 50-43? I thought Hominick won the last round, and maybe the second.
5/1/11 1:37:05AM
Yeah, no possible way to defend that 50-43 score. Ridiculous. I can only hope that it was somehow announced by Buffer incorrectly or passed to him incorrectly; otherwise Douglas Crosby shouldn't be allowed to judge another fight anywhere.
5/2/11 1:42:33PM
I'm gunna go against the crowd here, and admit I can see how the judges scored the fight 48-47.

I don't agree with it, but I saw why.

GSP was looking so good in the first 3 rounds he was sharp, quick and most importantly dominant. Then the eye injury occured and he was still landing more strikes etc, but he was nowhere near as sharp and quick, and because they saw a difference i think they assumed Shields was winning, because his performance changed, they saw his dominance slip and they noticed it, and they felt pressured into showing they noticing it so scored it. As it was a significant thing that happened in the fight.

I had the fight at 49-46
10-9 x 4 9-10

Aldo Hominck I had at 48-47 Aldo. 10-9 10-10. 10-9. 10-9. 8-10.
These are my personal scores though I can agree with different scoring.... Except 50-45.... Let alone 50-43....
5/2/11 1:45:45PM
Fight Metric Is now up.

GSP vs Shields: 49-46

Aldo vs Homnick: 49-45
5/4/11 1:03:50PM
i had GSP winning first 3 losing last 2
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