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7/9/08 4:00:43PM
I am so sick of hearing people/ fighters complain about poor decisions. The fighters understand how rediculious these decisions usually are and they know they need to finish the fight. Every event it seems we go through the same thing with another poor decision. The fighters should finish the fight and if they can't, they should be prepared for a poor decision instead of complaining about it.

I understand the scoring system should be changed i'm just frustrated hearing the same bullshit from fighters every month.
7/9/08 6:59:45PM
i hear ya..
7/9/08 11:04:11PM
i agree.
7/10/08 3:29:46AM
I disagree with that. There are great fighters that go to decisions all the time, thats because its how their style and gameplan is some of the time. That means they should be penalized for that? No, it means the judges should be improved, decisions are part of MMA. Why should fighters be held responsible because of a judges incompetence.
7/10/08 4:12:03PM
Yes, but the Fighters know all to well what can happen when it goes to the judges. They understand the risk they run when leaving it in the judges hands and instead of complaining about the poor decision, they should have done more in the fight.
7/10/08 4:31:10PM
just because the judges suck doesn't mean you don't have the right to complain, if you think you were ******, then by all means bitch away. the more fighters complain the more likely it is for a change to occur.
7/10/08 5:20:31PM
Any fighter who's plan going into the fight is to win a dec, shouldn't even step in the ring/cage. They don't deserve to fight.

I agree w/ your main pt, I think your like me and sick of it after making good posts.
7/12/08 2:19:50PM
You have to be a little more understanding about the fact that fighters are very touchy about their records. Their records are their paycheck.

You really can't blame a guy for getting a little emotional and irrational about losing a fight he MIGHT of actually won, just because 3 old dorks outside the cage who've probably never been in a fight themselves just said he lost.

Even if the fight was a beautiful war, and really close, most ppl will just look at the rap sheet and see a loss. A lost fight is a lost chance at a BIG paycheck next fight most of the time.
7/12/08 2:33:05PM
...I disagree that great fighters go to a decision......thats just contradicting what being a great fighterfighter ....
7/12/08 2:57:29PM
7/12/08 5:15:43PM

...I disagree that great fighters go to a decision......thats just contradicting what being a great fighterfighter

What? Dan Henderson isn't a great fighter. Just because you go to a D dosn't mean your somehow less of a fighter. When you have someone standing across from you that is just as good as you there is probably a good chance that you just won't have the opportunity to end it. Obvisouly going into a fight to win a decision isn't cool but sometimes it happens. There are many great fighters that take fights to decisions, not because they want to but because thats how the fight plays out.
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