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1/25/09 12:58:00AM
I'm sure most others saw him there. At first I thought he was just a trainer, but then I saw him some more. Was he a cut-man or something? Anyone know?
1/25/09 1:03:37AM
I said the same thing. I believe he was the other cutman for the opposite corner from where Stitch was. I mentioned to the people watching the fight with me how its funny that he was coach of the UFC lhw champ a year ago and now he's a cutman.
1/25/09 1:21:25AM
really? He's a cutman now ?
1/25/09 9:22:14AM

Posted by MMAcca

really? He's a cutman now ?

Well, it's either that or he was cornering the Janitor...but by his performance, I'll go with cutman.
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