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10/1/07 5:39:29PM
Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock is no stranger when it comes to litigation in MMA and according to a new interview with Strikeforce lightweight title contender Josh Thomson on, Shamrock could find himself involved with another lawsuit.


After a night at the fabled Playboy Mansion involving Frank Shamrock commentating, bunnies in the press booth, a star-studded audience and the announcement of Strikeforce’s signing of Renato “Babalu” Sobral

10/1/07 7:56:15PM
if nothing else this will probably mark the end of frank shamrock sitting in the broadcasters chair. even though it was clear he was kidding i could see how someone could not have gotten the joke and he has no business acting like that. surely if renaldi got as much backlash as he did for a 25 whatever pole then frank will at least not be commenting anymore
10/1/07 10:41:11PM

Posted by jomatty

even though it was clear he was kidding i could see how someone could not have gotten the joke and he has no business acting like that.

i first i didn't know he was joking
10/2/07 4:15:33AM
yeah they have had problems in the past

frank even made a youtube video mocking him and phil baroni
10/2/07 10:01:50AM
Frank Shamrock was classless as a commentator and he didn't leave his oversized ego that has been plaguing him for his entire career at the door. A commentator's role isn't to bring his own agenda to the broadcast. If he hates Thomson so badly, fight him at a catchweight and prove you can beat him, otherwise shut your mouth and do your job.
10/2/07 2:26:54PM
I heard it and didnt think much of it cos its just Frank being his usual self that i hate

But good on Josh using it against him, take him to the cleaners!!!
10/2/07 3:17:49PM
That's Frank for you...dude has got a big mouth. I actually laughed when he made the comment, but then again I am known for having a big mouth too!!
10/25/07 5:37:56PM
Personally I am not a big fan of either Josh or Phil so Shamrock can make as much fun of them as he likes in my opinion.

I don't know much about how Frank gets along with other fighters or organizations, so he may be a dick too i'm just not 100% sure.

And suing someone over a comment like that just makes you look like an ass in my opinion. I find often times when someone makes a remark in front of other people about you being gay or fat or whatever it's best to have a good short verbal attack ready and then just walk away, make them look like the duschbag. Suing is just a pussy move.
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