Who does Josh Thomson face next?

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6/28/08 2:59:02AM
MMAWeekly has the winner of Thomson/Melendez, which would be Thomson, fighting on the September, Strikeforce Playboy card.. So who does he face? I hope it's not Billy Evangelista, because I think that Evangelista isn't ready for Thomson. The way Bas and Bas Jr. were talking on the HDNet broadcast during the Evangelista fight against Nam Phan it sounded like if Evangelista won, he was in line for a shot.

Do you agree that Evangelista should face Thomson next, and if not, who?
6/28/08 8:26:47AM
YA i agree with you i like billy but i dont think hes ready for a title shot. I dunno who i would put next against him.
6/28/08 3:42:35PM
even though he got completely dominated last night, I say give Melendez an immediate rematch. I don't think Evangelista is ready for a title shot yet.
6/28/08 4:38:43PM
Yeah I really dont think Evangelista is ready for Thompson
6/28/08 5:23:21PM
Jorge Masvidal? I know he just lost, but he's a good fighter and it would be competitive IMO.
6/28/08 7:28:03PM
unify the belts with kj noons but it wont happen because they want to protect the champions . I would like to see elite xc combine with strikeforce. they've done co promotions why not?
lawler vs cung le? thomson should face noons.

EDIT: maybe that was a copromotions with strikeforce and cage rage? either way noons it is.
7/1/08 12:40:26PM
hell yeaaa. throw Evanglista in there so the hype can stop. im still pissed that Nam lost that dec. he rocked him so many times. With knees, knocked his mouth piece out a couple times.i wish Nam would of won, he could of got a rematch against Josh, would of been badass. even though im not sure he would win the rematch, but i know it would probably be just as good as their first
7/1/08 4:54:48PM
how about kj noons in a cross promotional show. i know it's a long shot but who wouldn't want to see that.
7/3/08 4:42:56PM
i would like to see Strikeforce bring in Yves Edwards. It would be a legitamate opponett, and give Josh a chance to avenge a loss( he was beating Yves in that fight until that freak kick landed). Also Edwards isn't tied to any big organization at the time.
7/4/08 12:40:16AM

Posted by fedorwins1

Jorge Masvidal? I know he just lost, but he's a good fighter and it would be competitive IMO.

I would like that
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