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5/29/08 11:07:52AM
Josh Neer (24-6-1 MMA, 3-3 UFC) and "The Ultimate Fighter 6" winner Nate Diaz (9-2 MMA, 4-0 UFC) will likely meet at UFC Fight Night 14 in September.

A source close to one of the fighters told about the lightweight fight and said bout agreements are expected to be signed shortly. The fight has been rumored for the better part of a month.

UFC Fight Night 14, which airs on Spike TV, takes place Sept. 17 and serves as a lead-in for the eighth season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

5/29/08 11:13:32AM
Interesting matchup. I would say that they are somewhat even on the feet, Neer has the wrestling advantage, and Diaz has the obvious upperhand in JJ. Neer almost always performs well, but tends to get caught by the upper echelon of submission I say Diaz catches him in round 2 or 3.
5/29/08 11:57:16AM
Agree with grappler, but I would say he gets caught in round 1. Pretty lame match-up IMO. This isn't really a step up from Pellegrino while Danzig's second fight is Guida.
5/29/08 12:06:09PM

Posted by xposipx

Agree with grappler, but I would say he gets caught in round 1. Pretty lame match-up IMO. This isn't really a step up from Pellegrino while Danzig's second fight is Guida.

but dont think its that lame, pretty sure you wouldnt say that if it was Din Thomas who had beaten Neer, its maybe not a step up but its certainly not a step down so i like the fight, still Diaz by triangle too simplistic?
5/29/08 12:15:20PM
I must say, at first i thought it was a step down, but now i think im agreeing with cornish a bit more in thinking that its just not a step up... Neer is game almost all the time... but i can't help but think they're just feeding this guy to Diaz after his impressive come from behind victory over Pellegrino... Im pretty confident that Diaz takes this one
5/29/08 12:26:04PM
Now this not a lot of people probaly will belive but i think Neer will be a great test for Diaz
5/29/08 12:40:19PM
Neer is a tough opponent so dont count him out, this should be an exciting fight both guys are going to bring it. Diaz via armbar late round 2.
5/29/08 12:54:18PM


....i still gotta pick diaz though
5/29/08 1:09:19PM
I like Neer but not NEERly as much as I like Diaz. Diaz takes it 1st round sub Kimura.
5/29/08 1:14:24PM
just another match i would not prefer.
5/29/08 1:40:09PM
diaz needs a step up in competition hopefully after this he will fight tyson griffin
5/29/08 1:48:33PM
neer is tough as nails, but he is a step down from pellegrino, nate should sub him just like his brother did.
5/29/08 2:07:42PM
neer isn't getting enough credit here. he's fought and beat tougher guys then diaz has. should be a great fight. good matchup. not sure how you can't be interested in this one.
5/29/08 2:17:14PM
Nate Diaz RD 1 SUB
5/29/08 3:28:00PM
Just one more SUB win for Diaz.....I think a fight with Joe Stevenson would have been a lot more interesting....
5/29/08 7:04:32PM
i'll be rooting for neer. i am definitely not a nate diaz fan.
5/29/08 8:10:49PM
im a huge fan of Nick Diaz but i hate Nate

5/29/08 8:19:52PM

First I gotta say I love watching both of the Diaz brothers....tough as nails, great conditioning, great BJJ, nice (unorthadox) strikes, and aggressive as hell. Not sure if Nate is quite as good as Nick though, so I think I will have to pick Josh on this one....although I am now gauranteed too see blood bath!!
5/29/08 9:21:02PM
I like Neer in this one. Neer has tons of experience and a definite strength advantage. I think Neer keeps it on the feet as much as possible and KO's Nate in the 1st or 2nd.
5/29/08 10:17:32PM
ple gotta give neer more credit then what hes getting are we forgetting he gave stevenson a pretty good whipping rounds 2 and 3 ? ... he might get cought by A sub but hes gona pretty much manhandle nate strength wise kurt did and although i belive kurt is a better fighter then neer ... i belive neer has the strentgh advantage ... idk tough fight but im picking diaz dont want him screwing me over again
5/30/08 3:37:30AM
I like Neer, especially at lightweight, he has victories ovwer good opponents and when I foudn out he was sceduled to fight soon I hoped it would be a top notch opponent for him to climb the ladder, but Diaz poses a very bad matchup, Neer's game is get on top of you and just pound you out he doesn't really pass guard that well but he can do a lot of damage from the guard which happens to be Diaz's strength I'm sure Nate loves the idea of a fighter who wants o stay in Diaz's guard, I do think Neer wins it though but its goign to be dangerous I'm also surprised what an underdog he is
5/30/08 8:02:02AM
Neer is a underrated fighter. I wouldn't be suprised if he gives Diaz a darn good fight. I am picking Nate. Because, I'm a fan of Nate but this is a dangerous matchup for him. I could see this fight going to a decision.
5/30/08 8:42:17AM
Will be a good fight and I think Neer will do good in the first round like Batman did, but ultimately will get submitted in the second just like Kurt also.
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