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3/28/08 3:23:04PM
He won’t talk your ear off, do backflips in the Octagon, or make the daily papers for some outrageous antics. Josh Neer just fights. But that’s just fine with UFC fans who have clamored for the hard-nosed Iowa banger to return to the organization after an absence of almost 20 months.

And in his typically understated manner, he’s happy to be back.

“It feels good,” said Neer. “It’s just a different atmosphere in the UFC, and in these smaller shows it’s just not the same.”

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3/28/08 3:30:22PM
Din is a good test for him, for any LW for that matter. I personally think he was winning the fight with Kenny before he busted his knee. I don't think we will see too much of the Dentist.
3/28/08 3:35:54PM
hes one of my favorite underrated fighters and i like that he takes such stern tests, and din is just that, i have no idea who to pick, im leaning toward din and will probably keep that pick and say it ends by Unanimous or Split Decision
4/1/08 3:14:37AM
great article. neer is amazing at 155 so i think this will be a great fight
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