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POLL: Koscheck vs Diaz
Josh Koscheck 55% (21)
Nick Diaz 45% (17)
2/18/12 12:49:46PM
who would win?
2/18/12 1:15:50PM
Gotta go with Nick on this one by an easy margin. Kos' stand up isn't even remotely on the level of Diaz's, and his wrestling I don't think he would be able to out grapple Diaz on the ground.
2/18/12 1:34:04PM
I would go with Kos. We saw he can take a punch in the GSP fight we know he is a top wrestler in the 170 division. We know Daiz always has trouble with wrestlers. With only one sub loss I'm not sure Diaz would hand him another.
2/18/12 3:45:20PM
As a fan of both I've thought about this bout before. Kos gets arrogant with his stand up, granted it has improved immensely through the years, I'm not sure it's near as good as he thinks it is. He's also shown a lack of really using his explosive takedowns because he feels as if he can stand with anyone. The only fighters he's really wanted to takedown over the last couple years has been fighters with fight ending power (rumble, Daley). Another thing I've noticed has been his performances since his eye injury. It's only been 2 fights but he just doesn't look the same. Most everyone would agree Diaz has the best standup (boxing) and myre technical than Kos' striking. I think if Kos were to challenge Diaz standing for too long (like he did with pitbull), he won't be able to mount a comeback. Likewise of Kos were to channel his inner wrestling an come with an actual gameplan, then he rides a unanimous decision via human blanket. The longer Kos would wait to takedown his opponent, the least likely he is to win. Diaz will be harder to take down as the fight wears on.
2/18/12 4:29:09PM
Diaz wins the standup, but Kos can easily win this with his wrestling and top control. I picked Diaz but this is a 60/40 pickem for me
2/18/12 7:12:46PM
Koscheck UD by lay and pray. If it happened i'd av bet it. It'd be similar to Diego vs Diaz or Fitch vs Diego.
2/18/12 9:00:19PM
The hype up for a fight like this would be great, Diaz & Kos both talk some mean trash. In the fight i'd go with Diaz, his striking skills far overmatch Koschecks and he also has great grappling skills. The only way Kos could pull off a victory is to hold Diaz down for 3 rounds. But holding a guy down for 3 rounds with crazy sub skills wouldn't be the best idea imo. Diaz by either Sub or KO.
2/18/12 9:37:29PM
Kos by lay and pray. Or if he stands and trades diaz by rocking him and submitting him after
2/18/12 10:27:38PM
KOS by Lay n Pray if fight is 3 rounds.
Diaz by TKO if 5 rounds.
2/19/12 12:50:38AM
Koscheck for the same reason I'd pick GSP over Diaz, they would both smother him. I'm not saying it would be impressive but its a sure bet in my book.
2/19/12 3:08:51PM
Kos all day after his eye injury I dont see Kos standing for more than a minute...He will fight smart and not want to get hit in the eye....
2/19/12 5:57:40PM
I'd go with Kos via UD. Diaz would get put on his back and controlled for most of the fight
2/20/12 12:29:17AM
There seems to be a majority here thinking Diaz wins the standup, Kos wins it on the ground, and Kos would put it to the ground and win.

I do agree that Kos could wrestle Diaz around a little bit but the guy is lethal off his back. If I was Koscheck I wouldn't be so quick to start rolling with a BJJ blackbelt. I don't know if Kos would be able to wear Nick down with his legendary cardio, either.
2/20/12 9:11:55PM
Josh trys to stand with him and takes shots, but gives a few. Then towards the end of the round (less than a minute left) takes him down late enough where Diaz would have a tough time getting up/sweeping/submitting him.

Koscheck Unam 30-27s, all three judges.
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