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12/16/08 8:51:49AM
So is Josh Koscheck out of the UFC for that stupid video game thing or is he in for good?
12/16/08 8:53:13AM
Why doesnt he just sign the rights for the video game?
12/16/08 9:04:06AM
The matter is still up in the air but most now believe he will be staying. It turns out he planned to address the matter AFTER his FFTT fight so it wouldn't be a distraction.
12/16/08 9:09:52AM
I think he'll sign it, just because if you leave the UFC, you can't come back. Dana has made that point very clear.

And if Kos wants to have any kind of legacy at WW, then he needs to be in the UFC to fight the best.
12/16/08 9:23:33AM
I can't picture Kos fighting anywhere but the ufc.
12/16/08 9:01:06PM
me 2
12/17/08 2:24:09AM
I hope he signs the contract. Nothing is certain though
12/19/08 2:28:24PM
Haven't heard anything but judging by the others in AKA signing I think he will sign.
12/19/08 2:54:46PM
I hope he signs, while I don't like him I can't picture the UFC without him
12/19/08 3:00:51PM

Posted by Sledge23

Why doesnt he just sign the rights for the video game?

Because it's a rediculous demand that wants him to sign away his rights for life... That's a long time, and while it isn't great for the fans he has to think about what is right for him and people he cares about in the long run
12/19/08 3:13:29PM
He'll sign. Although it is a bit ridiculous. Walking away from the UFC is career suicide.
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