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12/4/12 9:14:23PM
certain "loser leaves town" matchup has been booked for UFC on FUEL TV 7 in London, as featherweights Josh Grispi and Andy Ogle face off in February.

It's a must-win situation for two young featherweights, as Josh Grispi fights Andy Ogle at UFC on FUEL 7 at Wembley Arena in London, England. Fighters Only magazine confirms:

Josh Grispi will be fighting for his UFC career in February.

Grispi (14-4) has been matched with Andy Ogle (8-2) for the UFC’s visit to London, England on Saturday February 16, 2013, sources close to the situation have revealed to Fighters Only.

12/4/12 9:50:46PM
I'm pulling for Ogle here but, Grispi is more than likely going to win. I just see Grispi being a bit to much for Ogle in the grappling department
12/4/12 10:14:00PM
I wouldn't call it a loser leaves town fight, Figures BloodyElbow would say that.

Ogle lost a SD that many thought he won. Unless he loses by a fast KO or sub, Ogle should still have a job if loses, Grispi however could definitely get cut if he loses.

I like the match up though.
12/4/12 10:24:18PM
Grispi hasn't lived up to his hype but he shouldn't have any trouble with Ogle.
12/4/12 11:03:21PM
Grispi has only disappointed since his UFC debut.. He's had his chance, here's hoping Ogle scores the upset
12/4/12 11:30:59PM
Kind of surprised they kept Grispi around after 3 losses with no wins in the UFC but I'm not complaining since I kinda like the guy. Ogle got robbed against Akira imo but I still think he loses here.
12/4/12 11:38:58PM
Ogle wasn't overly impressive on the show (although he surprisingly beat Rio) and while he should have gotten the decision vs Akira, he didn't really go for it. Most TUF fighters don't stick around if they lose their first fight. Ogle is getting a 2nd chance and if he loses hes cut. Grispi probably should have been cut after his last fight

why couldn't either of these guys fight Hominick? Much easier fight for him to stick around
12/5/12 12:08:36AM
I still can't believe Grispi has done so poorly in the ufc. In the WEC he was running through guys. Even Hominick at one point. Although, with Hominick's recent troubles I guess it's not that surprising.
12/5/12 12:19:48AM
grispy for sure. i think ogle could knock him out though, if i remember right ogle has decent stand up and decent power. really just a punchers chance i think
12/5/12 7:52:00AM
I thought for sure grispi was out after yahya
12/5/12 9:06:19AM
Pulling for Grispi. Whatever is going on in his life I hope it's in order. It is completely mind boggling that he went from the top of the division to fighting over table scraps. I just want to see the old world beater back.