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2/10/13 2:33:54AM

Posted by george112
like I said a drug is a drug. Your analogy really didnt make sense because the context in which you framed the question wasnt properly set up. On the matter of diaz yes your right he probably didnt do it to gain an advantage but does that really make him any better? That is still illegal. Should it be? Maybe not but it still is.

Now about the pay thing. You illustrated my point for me. The big nane heavyweights get paid the big bucks. Simple.Has Cormier been around as long as Barnett? Of course not. Is Barnett a bigger draw then Cormier? Yes I would think so. So you see of course he would be paid more. That stuff happens in the UFC ALL the time.

It wouldnt be hard to put in a contract that if he fails a test he would have to give back a substantial amount of his check. However that stipulation would test just how bad Barnett wants to be in the UFC.

Point is this. Do I agree with him juicing? No I do not at all.
Do I think he is an elite heavyweight that can provide some pretty entertaining fights? Yes I think so. And isnt that what we all really want anyways? I for one do.

I think your ignoring the the fact that it does matter in what context the drug was used and what the drug is. But we are getting way off point. I still stand by what I said that Josh Barnett is a liability for any promotion in the US. He also gives the sport a bad name because of stories like THIS. Lets say he does well and gets a title shot and before the event test positive again. Not only has he hurt a main event again but he is on even a bigger stage now. This not only makes the UFC look bad for bring in guy caught 3 other times but it will hurt the image of the sport as a hole.

Maybe Barnett will prove me wrong and has gone clean. I don't think he will as he wont even admit he cheated the other 3 times he was busted. I will ask you this at what point do we as fans say enough is enough?
2/10/13 3:08:44AM
Well how do we know he isnt in fact innocent? Meaning maybe he genuinely thought he was clean? He is a professional wrestler also and its no secret that steroids are a major thing for them.

Their will never be "enough" . This sport is a spectacle to everyone who isnt a hardcore fan. It pains me that there is a double standard going on. Overeem clearly has been on roids for some time now but that didnt stop the UFC from siging him. And didnt he mess up a main event ? Yes in my eyes because he got suspended .

Its clear we will not see eye to eye and that is perfectly fine

I respect your opinion and look forward to more debates
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