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8/14/08 12:22:46PM
Don't get too excited. They are going to get it a wrestling match. It's set to be the main event of tomorrow's IGF event (Inoki Genome Federation, a Japanese wrestling promotion run by Japanese legend Antonio Inoki). Mania's obligatory witty (and funny) thought on this: "Hopefully, he doesn’t get injured attempting a Superfly Snuka and spoil his bout with Andrei Arlovski on October 11 at Affliction ‘Day of Reckoning’." Promo pic, I think:

Have fun with this.
8/14/08 7:12:21PM
well imo tank has a shot to get a belt here
8/14/08 8:43:54PM
Barnett's pro wrestling bout with Don Frye was pretty good.
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