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7/19/08 3:16:01AM

Anthony Johnson claimed in a recent interview he got the better of me in wrestling and that this was his validation for being a great wrestler in MMA. I won’t lie and say he didn’t get a takedown or that he doesn’t have good wrestling skills because he did and he does. But he glossed over the most important part: You don’t run your mouth about what happens in practice. Punks and the weak of heart do that. He came in last while I was running the gauntlet with guys in sparring and even then 1) I took him down more than he did me 2) I suplexed him on his head 3) and tapped him out. But I wasn’t happy with my performance so I said let’s go again. Only it turned out “Rumble” didn’t want to spar but run a marathon. He threw one punch and just ran the whole time. High accomplishments indeed. I guess he’s in San Jose now but hopefully they are more accepting of him than we are at CSW; because bitches need not apply here.

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7/19/08 3:31:23AM
josh is a boss
i agree with this though the emelianenkos are both like this in the fact that they think they are gods gift to mixed martial arts and that they are the best things to happen to it and they are unbeatable and if they do lose they make excuses
reminds me of guys like shogun over at chute boxe...
7/19/08 3:50:24AM
what a dream match.. aleks vs barnett!
7/19/08 3:59:53AM

Posted by loller90278

what a dream match.. aleks vs barnett!

Aleks would have NO chance
7/19/08 4:45:28AM
i'll have to disagree, his hands are a lot faster and heavier, and he's good enough on the ground to negate barnett. he's also big
7/19/08 5:06:16AM
Well I think Barnett already proved to him what he could do
7/19/08 6:41:51PM
Barnett would easily take Aleks again. I would call a unan decision. I am a fan of Aleks but Barnett's size and strengthand groundwork would make it hard for Aleks to keep himself off his back.
7/20/08 7:31:01PM
Barnett is the man, that was hilarious, dissing Rumble haha, Im some glad Burns won
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