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7/9/07 10:03:53AM
Since Zuffa’s official purchase of Pride, many fighters have started popping up from the former Japanese powerhouse organization in new homes. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is in the UFC along with former Grand Prix winner Mauricio “Shogun” Rua who is expected to make his debut shortly. Paulo Filho will soon take his shot in the WEC and now one of the most sought after heavyweights in the world, Josh Barnett, is officially a free agent according to his blog on MySpace.

7/9/07 11:56:56AM
crosses fingers
7/9/07 3:07:09PM
The UFC Heavyweight Div. is already becoming the best around. If they get Barnett, it'll be amazing and the brawls that ensue will be classics. But...Fedor will be the cherry on top. Any organization he's in will cause the heavies to crank up their game 100%
7/9/07 6:31:32PM

Lets hope for the sooner than later part. He is going to be great in the UFC, if he signs
7/9/07 11:24:19PM
I'm really hoping they do pick up Barnett. He is one of the most talented heavyweights in MMA.
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