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7/7/07 3:46:18PM
Josh Barnett has announced that he's free of his Pride contract, and is taking all offers...

Barnett's MySpace Blog
7/7/07 5:08:41PM
Barnett vs Fedor at Bodog please.
7/9/07 1:43:48AM
thats about all bodog can hope for, ufc is cleaning house they need to get someone out of this or they are screwed
7/9/07 1:54:36AM
He mentioned wanting to defend his King of Pancrase title...
7/10/07 2:37:54PM
I would love to see Barnett vs Cro Cop again,And in the UFC that will be awesome.
7/13/07 11:33:57PM
He'll fight in the UFC, it's an easy bet.
7/14/07 2:42:42AM
Josh in the UFC would be awesome. I'd looove to see a fight between him and Gonzaga.
7/16/07 9:21:38PM
I would love to see Fedor vs. Barnett in any oranization, but I would really love to see it in the UFC.
Think of the great fights

Barnett vs GG
" " vs Nog 3
" " vs AA
" " vs Randy 2
" " vs CC 4 (in the cage)
and bring back Ricco Rodriguez vs Barnett

not to mention the Fedor vs fights.
7/16/07 10:12:29PM
Ricco/Barnett and Barnett/GG would be awesome
7/17/07 1:29:15PM
Barnett is one of the best but I don't understand why people want a fourth installment vs CC. It's like Saku vs Silva...some thing's are just not gonna happen. Crocop is looking to retire soon, if there's one person he doesn't have to prove himself against it's Barnett.

But yeah, Barnett Gonzaga would be really great to see. So hard to pick one.
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