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10/26/12 9:20:07AM

Top 10 heavyweight Josh Barnett will return to Pancrase next year to defend his openweight King of Pancrase title. The Warmaster, according to, had a meeting with Pancrase CEO Masakazu Sakai after Barnett’s recent professional wrestling match with Shinichi Suzukawa at Inoki Genome Federation.

The meeting seems to have been fruitful. Barnett has agreed to defend his KOP title next year during the Pancrase 20th Anniversary Tour, against any opponent Sakai wants to put in front him. Barnett stated that he is a part of the Pancrase family and wants the legendary organization and its fighters to reach new heights of popularity.

10/26/12 9:41:20AM
Nice, I would like to see Barnett back in the UFC but I will tune in for this event.
10/26/12 12:55:36PM
I just saw on another site Barnett's Manager is saying that this isnt true. Hold on I will go find it.
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